Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Haikus to Internal Medicine

Oops, I kind of disappeared.  No worries, I'm around, just got busy.  Doing internal medicine right now.  While I might have liked it in medical school, no more.  I miss the operating room.  

Haikus to Internal Medicine

Pager, I hate you
You beep constantly at home
You are here to stay

Thirty hour call
You suck. I am so sleepy
Who invented this?

Potassium, you
Are always low, I am sick
Of repleting you

EKG, no clue
How to interpret you but
I pretend to know

Volume overload
Bores me, they should sell lasix
Over the counter

Sticking needles in
Fluid collections is fun
Cytology pending


  1. These made me laugh. As house mouse tonight, I especially agree with the first. Just interrupted by beeping. Got to go.

  2. My favorite is the last one. Love it! BTW, your save the date was the neatest, most creative one I have seen! Hope you're doing well and try to hang in there.