Monday, June 21, 2010

The end of bliss--with blissful white wine sangria

The end of bliss.  The fizzle of time with friends, relaxation, swimming pools.  No more absence of alarms, afternoon naps, 2am chats.  It’s time to WORK!  I know, I’ve been a doctor for a month now, but I feel as much of a doctor as Antarctica is tropical.  Besides freaking out on planes, or getting really worried about massive neurological injury from the keg stands and back flips witnessed at the pool as a paranoid, Advanced Cardiac Life Support certified physician, I’ve become a stumbling, blubbering idiot.

Well no longer! Sure, I’m going to be just as big a know-nothing as ever, but with my long, beautifully buttoned, clean white coat with my name with MD emblazoned on the breast, hopefully I can fool somebody.  I am in complete denial about the changes that are about to happen in my life; I have no true understanding about how my internship will shape the way I practice medicine and dictate my hobbies and habits. 

Orientation starts tomorrow morning.  I feel like my intern class is at the beginning of a car race.  Our engines are roaring.  We aren’t moving yet, but we are about to take off, deliberately hovering our feet over the gas pedal ready to fly the second we’re told to.  We’re hoping that after each lap we haven’t spun out, flipped over, or caught on fire. 

The program director muffles into the bullhorn “Ladies and gentlemen…gear up your specula” and we’re off, taking care of the women of Dallas county, one pelvic exam, C-section and ultrasound at a time.   You’ll see the track marks of my sneakers as I bolt down the hall.   The onlookers--the nurses, older residents and attendings watch and anticipate with a mixture of excitement and complete horror.

The finish line is far away.  All I know is that whatever happens in the next four years, it will be an experience I won’t soon forget.  Thanks to everybody for getting me this far, and I’m sorry for my grumpiness that will surely come.   To celebrate my last day of freedom, I made a large pitcher of white wine sangria.   It’s sweet and refreshing with a bit of a punch to dull the pain and anxiety I’m about to endure…and cools you off even in the hottest of days.

White wine sangria

2 bottles sweet cheap white wine (we used Reisling)
1/3 cup sugar
3 stone fruit diced (peaches, nectarines, plums)
1 mango diced
1 orange diced with peel
½ lime diced with peel
soda water
ice cubes

Mix wine, sugar, fruit and allow to sit for a few hours.  Serve over ice with a splash of soda water. 


  1. That looks wonderful! I haven't made sangria for nearly two years now, and I've never had white wine sangria. I might have to come up with an excuse to make this soon with some good old Trader Joe's wine. :)

    Also, congrats on starting your residency! I love your blog and I hope you'll still find the time to post every now and then!

    - Aba

  2. Thanks Thursday born. I hope to keep it up even if posting is less frequent. It may make me sane

  3. have you been to the farmer's market downtown yet? i get texas peaches at the local growers barn, as well as blueberries, green beans, corn on the cob, tomatoes (from Lemley's, the best of the tomato growers), bell peppers, etc. etc.