Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Farewell Cleveland

This week involved a lot of tape.  And cardboard.  My nutrition has been declining for the past few weeks as we cleaned out the fridge, had graduation parties, and generally didn’t notice what we were shoving in our faces.  I did manage to sneak a roast chicken into the oven a couple of weeks back, which honestly I wish I had taken a picture of because I roasted it with potatoes, rosemary, lemons, parsley and carrots and it was simply supreme.  Lemony potatoes are not something that sounds good, but they really are quite delicious.

Friends came over to collect the remains of what has proved to be an interesting four years of culinary creations: palm sugar, za’taar, brown rice, parmesan rinds, pine nuts, whole star anise and cumin, balsamic vinegar, ground rice powder, vermouth, and, well you get the picture.  The butcher blocks, 2 feet by 18 inches of wood upon which I cooked all of this food, sold on Craigslist in less than two hours.

I said my goodbyes to my vendor at the West Side Market and all my medical school friends as we quickly disperse all over the country.   So, this is my last installation from my Cleveland kitchen.  Which, besides the gas stove which we will be losing for a crappy electric one in Dallas, is not a bad thing.  My new kitchen is almost three times the size of my one here, and has a functional dishwasher and even a garbage disposal.  Ah, to finally get paid!

It will take me a bit to get the blog up and running again, but get ready folks.  I start residency orientation on June 22 so my life is about to get much more exciting.  Texas has awesome food too, so get ready for some spiced up versions of foods I like.  So, even if posting is infrequent, don’t forget about me please.  I like it when you visit.

So farewell Cleveland.  Even if the winters sucked and I complained a lot, it was a great place.  I made wonderful friends and fell in love with food. 


  1. Long time reader, first time commenter-- I'll miss ya Liz! Keep up the blog if you have time while down in Dallas.

  2. The mexican food here is wonderful!! Get ready for Tex-Mex. :)

  3. i cant wait to see what you cook up in dallas breuer :) miss you

  4. Welcome to Dallas! It's hot and it's humid and no rain in sight. I have one more gardening project to do this weekend and after that I'll spend NO time in my yard except early morning watering of the potted plants. Summer here is an endurance test but this fall (which won't start until November) and winter you will be glad you are here! Very truly yours, Dallas Reader.