Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello World

To everybody out there--I know that there are a lot of food blogs out there. Way too many. So, why may you ask, am I wasting everybody's time (probably including my own) to write my own food blog? Because, how many food writers are also soon to be vagina doctors, wedding planning, work-obsessed while simultaneously being lazy as hell, insanely disorganized and messy? Well, maybe you know a lot, but in my romps around the globe, I haven't met so many. So here we go, my spin on the world as I see it. I'm a liberal girl with an obsession with cooking as well as other things creative. I'll also give you my take on medicine and reproductive health. You can just call me OB cookie...a uterus loving, crunchy, chocolate filled, fragrant, 20 something girl. Soon to be Mrs. MD something scary. Enjoy!

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